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Agave Nectar Ale Grilled Fruit w/ Mint Whipped Cream

For Blue Moon’s Summer Variety Pack, my direction was to create something that meshed well with the season, but also to use the newest beer offering in one of the recipes. The Agave Blonde Ale is a delicious beer with a very nice subtle sweetness that I thought might work well for a dessert course. Through many rounds of brainstorming and emails back and forth, I had landed on taking a risk and trying something that was either going to work and taste delicious, or fail and taste terrible. I wanted to marinade fruit in some beer and then grill it.

I have done grilled fruit before, and it turned out awesome. Grilled watermelon tastes almost better than not grilled, and if you haven’t tried grilled pineapple, you are missing out. So, for this recipe I cut up some watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, and peaches. I took two bottles of the Agave Blonde and mixed in just a tad more agave nectar to add some more sweetness to the beer. I also added the zest of a lemon and and orange, along with a few dashes of cayenne pepper to help bring out the natural sweetness in the fruit. The fruit pieces were then added to this mixture and let marinade for about two hours. While the fruit was marinating, I made a simple flavored whipped cream to go along with the fruit. Agave nectar and very tiny jullianed pieces of mint were added into the cream as it was whipped. This would be a very nice complement to the warm, caramelized fruit.

With the grill heating up, I took the fruit and skewered them in preparation for easy grillage. The cooking process only takes a few minutes. Once the fruit began to get nice grill marks, they were flipped and grilled on the other side, then taken off. A total of about 2 minutes a side. Ready to serve, I plated up the fruit with a nice serving of the agave-mint whipped cream and was ready to dig in. The fruit was outstanding. There was a nice hint of beer in the caramelized fruit. Combined with the whipped cream the dessert got even better. Give this recipe a whirl at a summer BBQ and your guests will not only be satisfied, but very impressed! A nice, light and healthy dessert. Perfect for summer.