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Bay Scallop Taco w/ Caramelized Pineapple & Avocado

A while back, I had a great food discussion with my friend Zoe (check out her blog here!) over some killer sushi in Arizona while supporting our SF Giants during Spring Training. During our dinner, Zoe had mentioned using different ingredients in tacos and how there was always a market in San Diego for a spin on the taco. A few beers and a few sakes later, bay scallops and pineapple became the foundation for this idea of a different taco neither of us had seen at any restaurant. I have had the construction of this dish in my notes for a long time and had been itching for a chance to try it out for a worthy cause. And then Don Pilar showed up.

Don Pilar Blanco tequila is as clean and smooth as any blanco tequila I have ever tasted. It has some nice fruity and floral tones that are immediately enhanced by any acidic fruit it is paired with. What better ingredient to use than pineapple. I was pretty fired up to use the tequila in this recipe. Bay scallops would create a delicious foundation for the taco flavors only to be accented by the pineapple and tequila. To accompany the scallops and pineapple, I added some fresh avocado chunks, tiny diced red onions for flavor & color, as well as some diced jalapenos to add some heat to the mix. Garnish would be simple; shredded napa cabbage, cilantro, and fresh limes.

Cooking this dish was fun. First a little vegetable oil was heated in a non-stick skillet, then the onions were added. Shortly after the onions went in, the diced pineapple went in to get caramelized. Then the jalapenos. Shortly after, I added the scallops and tossed them around with all of the great flavors melding in the skillet. After a few minutes, once the scallops were getting nice color, I added a good shot of the blanco tequila and the juice from half a lime. Tossed around some more until the tequila was cooked down, and it was ready for plating. I put the scallop mixture in a bowl with some fresh cut avocados mixed around, then took a big spoonful of the mixture and put it inside a toasted corn tortilla. Lastly, garnished with some napa cabbage and cilantro. This Taco was outstanding. Very easy and fast to make. Bay Scallops are a perfect taco ingredient. I am shocked that I haven’t seen it anywhere! (Note: this recipe is now a Copyright of Kellan’s Kitchen). Can’t wait to make these again!