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Blue Moon Agave Blonde Lamb and Chickpea Mash

raw ingredientsThis recipe is unique because it is the first recipe to be generated entirely for Blue Moon Brewing Company by @BlueMoonBrewCo‘s 14,000+ Twitter followers. We prompted followers on Twitter with two different tweets asking for first what two ingredients we should use in our next recipe, and second,which Blue Moon beer we should feature. The response was amazing. There were great ideas coming from Blue Moon’s followers. We landed on two ingredients that would lend nicely to a summer recipe, Lamb & chickpeas.

This recipe is super simple, and only uses a few ingredients and little prep time to create big time flavor. The lamb also works great on the grill for summer dinner parties, and with a perfectly paired side dish included in the recipe, most of your work is already done! We hope to see followers creating and posting pictures. Try this recipe at home, and be sure to pick up some Agave Blonde!

Check out the Twitter-generated recipe here!


Preheat Oven to 400*

Generously rub salt, rosemary and pepper on all parts of the rack of lamb. Heat a cast iron pan (see notes below) over medium to high heat with olive oil. Once olive oil begins to smoke, add in your lamb, fat side down. Let the lamb sear for 2-3 min. Turn over and place into the oven. Roast for 20min or until internal temperature reaches 130*. Remove and let rest for 10 minutes before slicing.

*Note: You can do this recipe on the grill by cooking the lamb at 8min per side. Without a cast iron pan, cook in the oven on a cookie sheet, or other oven safe dish, fat side up, for 23-25min.

In a small sauce pot, sauté shallots in olive oil for 5-8 minutes over medium heat until soft. Add in Chick peas along with Agave Blonde Ale. Let chick peas simmer in beer for 15-20 minutes, smashing with a wooden spoon every so often. Once mixture has been softened and easily mashed, finish by adding butter and salt, mixing well. Serve hot and season with salt and pepper to taste.