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CH Wine Pizza

Well, it took us a while but we finally created one of wine’s greatest pairings, pizza. The task was to make it very simple, approachable and unique.

Using store bought dough, which you can find pretty much at every major grocery store, we created a pizza with fun and different ideas. Instead of doing the traditional red sauce, I went with a very easy white sauce. I took some roasted garlic and mixed it with ricotta cheese and used that as the base for this pizza. Super simple and easy.

Keeping with my rule of no more than 3 toppings we had to use pork, that much we knew. So, instead of the boring pepperoni we used pancetta, adding an awesome texture to the pizza. For greens, I love doing vegetables that will look pretty as well as taste awesome. Asparagus has had a wonderful season and I decided to go with a raw topping by shaving it into thin ribbons. It cooks up crisp and tasty when in the oven. Looks great too! Lastly, for some zing and zest we added sundried tomatoes. Important note here, be sure to let your tomatoes soak in a bit of water to re-hydrate and also not burn in the oven.

This is a fun outline for you to create your own masterpiece. Before you start, be sure to have a full glass of wine!

For the full recipe, please be sure to visit CH Wine’s newly launched Recipe tab! Link to the pizza is here: http://chwine.com/recipes/entrees/chw-pizza/