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Creme Brulee #1

My Mom’s favorite dessert. My Aunt’s favorite dessert. My favorite dessert. This project finally hit the stove. I had been wanting to make this dish for quite some time. My Christmas presents this year were ramekins, and a brulee torch. I guess those were huge hints from my Mom and Aunt, and they paid off. I’m pretty traditional when it comes to Creme Brulee, so I wanted to keep my recipe and flavors simple. Taking notes from a classic recipe, I decided to go with 6 egg yolks, and a quart of cream as my custard base. I added some vanilla extract and Kahlua for flavor. The eggs whisked with a 1/2 cup of sugar, and the cream heated on the stove with the vanilla and Kahlua. Tempered, then added into the eggs, the custard was ready to hit the oven. 325* for 45 min in a water bath and first part finished. These little guys then hit the fridge to fully set. Ali P came over for the first trial and first Brulee in the kitchen. Upon notes, not bad. The custard was a tiny bit runny for my taste, but the flavors were there. Maybe some adjustments for high altitude, but definitely on the right track!