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Farmers Market, Tahoe City

Summer is here! And that also means the abundance of incredible produce at local farmers markets. The Slow Food movement has really brought excitement and volume back to farmers markets all over the country. In California, we are spoiled with our diverse local produce, and artisan foods. And it’s not uncommon to see local wine merchants at these markets peddling their small batch vintages. I love shopping at farmers markets because you get to meet the people that grow the produce, and get to hear their enthusiasm for how sweet a blackberry is, or how that peach came from a tree less than 100 yards from where they sleep. It is truly a great and wholesome experience that ensures whatever you create with the purchases from the market will not only be delicious, but satisfying on more than just a belly-full feeling.

The Farmers Market in Tahoe City is one of my personal favorites for many reasons. The quality of vendors is outstanding, and the produce is coming from no more than 90 minutes away. I have never had a sweeter blackberry or strawberry. I have purchased peppers that I have never even heard of before. And, I’ve paddled there on my Stand Up Paddle board! I mean, can you name another farmers market you can commute to by Paddle Board? Oh, and the also have a bike valet! Encouraging residence to ride bikes to cut down on summer traffic, the city has volunteers (like my friends Kendra & Ryland) who will happily greet you at the entrance and park & watch your bike for you while you shop or mingle.

But what truly makes this farmers market special is the people and community it is in. The sun is out, everyone is smiling and taking the time to talk and chit-chat along the way. No one is in an absolute rush to leave, in fact my errands at the market usually last an hour longer than planned due to pleasant conversations and run-ins with folks I haven’t seen since the winter.

The community really embraces this market and has planned events around the day of the market. There has been past food & wine events based on farm to table. And this year local merchants have offered a Farm to Table dining experience around the day of the farmers market. Hopefully Ill be able to participate this year.

Fresh produce, fresh flowers, line caught fish, and grass fed beef are just some of the products that you can find at the Tahoe City Farmers Market. But it’s the people and the city that host this market is what makes it special. If you are planning a summer get away to the North Side of Lake Tahoe, get there on a Thursday and check out the market. Buy some fruit and picnic down by the beautiful lake. You won’t be sad. And for the adventurous bunch, Tahoe City D-League softball takes place on Thursday nights… those kids really know how to have fun.