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From the Pastry Chef: S’mores!

This is a special post. We will be featuring this dessert at Homewood’s Farm To Peak Dinner Series on August 31st. There has been careful and thoughtful planning into each aspect of the menu, and this dessert will surely be a hit at the end of our Five Course menu. Happy to have Marlo aboard for this special evening! Written by Marlo

Is there an adult in this country who doesn’t have fond memories of making s’mores by a campfire as a child? I should hope not. The process of composing a s’more was always a joyful one for me because there’s a precise order needed to create a proper s’more and, as a child, I loved following recipes and ‘going by the book’.
Thank goodness for growing up and growing out of such things. The dessert to be enjoyed at this Labor Day’sFarm to PeakDinner Series at Homewood is a s’more turned on its head. We’ve taken the childhood favorite and made it sophisticated but still fun…and edible with a spoon!
We’ve benched boring crackers and subbed in grahams that are toasted, adding a nutty depth and enduring crunchiness to the crust-like layer of these sweet, individual mason-jarred desserts. The traditional Hershey bar has been replaced by a lush and creamy bittersweet chocolate mousse that’s rich and yet light- a smooth and sweet foil to the crispy, salted base. Topping it all: fresh vanilla marshmallows that are bruleed just before serving, ensuring that campfire feel isn’t lost on this grown up delight.