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Mac & Cheese

Through a couple tries I finally have a trio of cheese that I reallylike to use. Fontina for a great silky texture, white cheddar for that sharp taste, and Grueyer because, well its grueyer. This time, I happen to have some smoked grueyer from a previous sandwich making endeavor. It worked nicely adding a very rich flavor to the pasta.

Because everything is better with bacon, that’s where I started. Some bacon diced up and fried until crispy. Then I added some minced shallots. A splash of white wine and let that reduce for a bit. I added about 1/2 up of whipping cream, some pepper (would have preferred white pepper, but none in the Tahoe pantry…) and then I added my cheeses. A dash of paprika and stirring until smooth.

I added my cheese mixture to the half cooked pasta elbows, topped with panko bread crumbs and popped it in the oven at 375* until golden brown.