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Pastrami Cured Blade Steak

It is a joy to work with high quality products. I have partnered with AgLocal to create a few recipes featuring some of their incredibly sourced meat. The fun part about these recipes, is they use cuts of meat that aren’t usually bought or sourced at your local store. Blade steak, in this recipe is essentially a Flat Iron steak, except bone-in from the shoulder section of the cow. You can treat it the way you would a flat iron or any beef cut that typically is cooked quick. I decided to do a pastrami cure adapted from one of my favorite chefs, Michael Symon. I like using applications that aren’t normally thought of. Pastrami is usually done on brisket, and takes about 3 days plus 8hrs of smoke to cure the meat. In this instance I have essentially just brined the meat overnight, and grilled it like you would any steak. The result is awesome. It works great as an appetizer, main or snack! Check out AgLocal and Sunfed for more info and recipes!


Combine all brine ingredients into large enough container or bag and dissolve into water. Add in Blade Steak. Let sit in brine overnight or up to 3 days. Remove from brine and pat dry. Lightly salt the meat. On a hot grill or grill pan, cook meat on high, searing in crust. Cook 3-6 minutes per side until medium rare or desired meat temp. Remove from heat and let rest. Serve with your choice of sides, or make a killer sandwich.