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Prosciutto Wraps

A while back, I was booked for a number of meals with the same client and was given the opportunity to create a number of different appetizers for some apr̬s-ski sessions. I took advantage of this chance to try a few apps that I knew would work, but hadn’t executed on a larger scale. The one I was most excited about revolved around the idea of wrapping salad greens with prosciutto. I had seen this method in a cook book, but I wanted to take it a little further, playing with ingredients that pair well with prosciutto.

Starting with about 6 slices of prosciutto, I halved them long ways to make the perfect bite sized shape. Then I took some big leafy greens and lightly dressed them with red wine vinegar, high quality olive oil, and salt and pepper. Now, to play off of the saltiness of the prosciutto, I took a fuji apple and julienned it lengthwise, making shapes that resembled a shoestring french fry. The sweetness of the fuji apple would play very well with the fatty cured meat. In addition, I also julienned some cucumber. I love cucumber, and its freshness would go extremely well with the greens and apple. Now it was time to assemble. Taking the bigger end of the prosciutto, I added a few pieces of apple, one big cucumber slice, and then a pinch of the mixed greens, and then carefully and tightly rolled them up. Learning as I went, the wraps became beautiful little cones. The perfect sweet and savory bite. I highly recommend making these for a start to any dinner party, game watching, or even as a nice light lunch!