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Seared Ahi w/ Carmelized Pinapple

Given the chance to experiment every once in a while with a high quality ingredient is always a fun time. This particular session was a winner. Brainstorming with the Executive Chef from Uncommon Kitchen (http://www.uncommonkitchen.org/), Doug Bahr, was particularly beneficial. We were talking about seared Ahi, and fun things you can do with it, and he suggested using some pineapple slices and carmelizing them. Well, thats what I did. Thinly slicing some pineapple filets and dusting them with some sugar, they hit a dry pan and began to brown just slightly. Once they hit the desired state of brownness, I pulled them off and let them cool. The Ahi was simply prepared, coated in sesame seeds, then seared to a perfect rare. With the addition of some sliced avocados, the ahi & pineapple were layered onto a bed of arugula. The fish was drizzled with some pan drippings from the pineapple slices, topped with a bit of lime zest and served with a soy based dipping sauce. A hit, and a keeper. Thanks Doug!