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Summer Cocktails, Edition 1

Summer gives us an incredible array of fresh produce, especially here in California. Coupled with the warm weather and plethora of outdoor activities, nothing is more refreshing than a well crafted cocktail. For some time now, I have been looking for ideas and inspiration to create some fun drinks. It was a sunny, yet breezy day in Tahoe City when I found myself at the grocery store. With ample time on my hands that afternoon I aimlessly went shopping for fresh produce. In my cart landed a wide range of fruit, herbs and veggies. Still with no plan, I set home with the mindset to play in the kitchen.

While prepping some fruit and veggies for another dish, I came to the notion that I had an entire watermelon. What does one person do with an entire watermelon if there is no picnic in the near future? As I was chopping away, my mind was spinning. Suddenly a light bulb went on. I saw mint, I saw chopped watermelon, and I saw my stick blender. Rummaging through the bar, I found some great Tequila Blanca (Partida… thanks Katie!). I then pulled out some Grand Marnier, Agave nectar, and a lime. It was all coming together. Stick blending the watermelon, a couple leaves of mint, the Grand Marnier, Tequila and half of a lime, a wonderfully consistent pink drink emerged. After one taste, I knew I had something… but it was missing just a little pop. That’s when I found a can of club soda in the fridge. A floater of soda and this drink was marvelous. Officially on the summer menu, let this drink be a great starter for your Summer BBQs!