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Recipe Development


Blue Moon Brewing Company partnered with and named Kellan their Executive Chef.  Their partnership was formed to create unique recipes using their entire selection of beer. This relationship grew rapidly with a number of hand-crafted recipes produced using beer as an ingredient, enhancing the eating and drinking experience for Blue Moon consumers. These recipes can be seen on their Main Site, Facebook and Blue Moon’s recipes on Chow.com.  A selection of recipes have also been published as small take-aways inside of specific 12-packs, as well as printed on the box!  In addition to these offerings, Chef Kellan has also developed spice rub packets for Blue Moon which will be distributed nation wide. Check out the full line of recipes!

 Kellan has been a wonderful partner for Blue Moon!  It all started when we were in a jam to develop recipes for pairings with our seasonal beers.  At Blue Moon Brewing Company, we love delicious, flavorful beer and great food to go with it.  It’s all about enjoying a celebration with friends – and not over complicating things.  We needed simple yet delicious recipes that didn’t require a culinary arts degree to prepare them!  Kellan nailed it!  He really gets food and our drinker.  My personal favorite is the cedar plank salmon that pairs with our Vintage Blonde Ale.  Though I loved his twist on beer can chicken that we used to support our can launch.  Fun! – Amy, Brand Manager, Blue Moon Brewing Company


Don Pilar is a craft tequila company based in San Francisco.  It’s small batch tequila bodes from the highlands of Jalisco and carries a great depth of flavors. They have teamed up to create some unique and inspiring dishes using this delicious spirit.  An exciting ingredient to cook with and an even better ingredient to drink, this partnership has made some noise in an area that is becoming increasingly popular. 


At a dinner party in the winter, Chef Kellan befriended Cameron Hughes & Jessica Kogen, owners of CH Wine.  This relationship took off right away.  After a few private dinners, Cam & Jess approached Kellan about doing some work with their Lot Series Wine releases.  Along with their production superstar Jake, CH Wine and Chef Kellan started producing a webisode series titled “Cooking with Kellan.”  The short videos focused on a how-to approach to create easy and delicious dishes that would pair with the Lot Releases from CH Wine.  In addition, the team worked to create over 80 signature recipes that paired with each lot release. You can find all of the recipes on this site and in major food publications to come. Check out the recipes!