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French Onion Soup

This dish has been on my radar for a while. Finally I had the tools, and recipe to construct; the bowls were key. I read about a dozen different variations on this classic dish, and I came across one that involved a lot more technique than the others. This is the one I used to start my dish.

Onions. Lots of onions. I used about 5 very large vidallia and yellow. Added to the dutch oven with a generous amount of olive oil and salt, this load was simmered and covered for 15 min. Yes, 15. Then uncovered and stirred occasionally for an hour. Yes, an hour. The recipe calls for letting the onions naturally caramelize, which takes considerable time. Low & slow. Low heat, slow cook time. After a painful hour, the onions looked a delicious brown. The pot was deglazed with sherry, and white wine. Also added was a mess load of thyme and 2 bay leaves. Once the alcohol burned off, I added beef stock, nothing fancy, just store bought organic beef stock. This was then simmered for about an hour, until the soup looked very hearty and together. Salted to taste.

Finally, the crown. Some La Brea french bread, cut into 3/4 inch slices, oiled, salted and buttered and toasted in a grill pan until crispy. This was added on top the soup, with a load of Gruyere cheese. Broiled until melted. Winner.