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NY Steak w/ Fig-Balsamic Reduction

The fall slash, early winter seasons give us some really great ingredients to compliment the cold weather. On a night that produced the Roasted Cauliflower Soup, this dish came about. I found a fabulous deal on bone-in NY Strips (one of my favorite cuts of meat), and I wanted to do something a different without masking the wonderful flavor of the meat. All kinds of figs are in season, and the sweet, jammy-ness of that fruit pairs very well with red meat. This is a pretty simple reduction that paired awesome with the bone-in NY steaks. I took a basket of fresh black figs and quartered them. Into a small sauce pan with about 2 cups of red wine and a 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar. A pinch of salt, and 45 minutes or so on low heat. I wanted a real nice thick consistency, so I took my immersion blender and pureed the sauce until it was smooth. With the steaks cooked at a perfect medium rare, I added some caramelized shallots and a good helping of the fig reduction to the plate. This was rich and outstanding. And a great way to elevate a great piece of meat!