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White Fish & Mango Ceviche

Cameron Hughes Wine is promoting their summer Lot Releases with some delicious food pairings. This particular recipe compliments a wonderful white wine for summer. Lot 359 is a delightful blend of Riesling and Chenin Blanc. It’s stone fruit and floral notes make for perfect summer-sipping while poolside.

I decided to really play off the fruit theme and create a recipe that would be wonderfully refreshing and light. I decided on doing a ceviche with a good white fish. At the market, tilapia was fresh and I knew it would work well with the acid produced by fresh squeezed limes. I was hoping for a Hawaiian fish, like Ono, but none was found that would be fresh enough for a ceviche. Going off of the summer fruit and produce theme, I wanted to bring in some different flavors and textures to the dish. The ingredient list was being changed every second as I was browsing the beautiful produce. I finally landed on what I thought would be a really interesting and fun combination of fruits and vegetables. Mango, Jalapeno, Heirloom Tomato, and Radish were my final answers to the ingredient list.

So, on to the ceviche. I cut up all the fish and produce, and began adding my lime juice. I like to add a ton of fresh citrus to ceviche to insure a well ‘cooked’ fish. Also to the mix, I added some Agave nectar to balance the acidity and some sea salt. I let the mixture marinate in the fridge for about an hour, and then it was time to plate! Garnished with some big mango and avocado slices, this dish was a perfect pairing with Lot 359. Perfect for summer!