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Chipotle Skirt Steak Tacos

Web-Res-Skirt Steak Grilling 01-When I make tacos for myself or friends, I don’t usually write down or fully remember how I season the protein. Tacos are usually about making a ton of sides and toppings and just going to town until I cant eat any more. Then I’d probably eat two more tacos. However, for this particular recipe I took some added care in seasoning and crafting my tacos because I would have some stunning pictures taken. I teamed up with good friend Shea Evans to do a partnered photo shoot that would go under the “California BBQ” theme. Our plan was to shoot under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset with beautiful weather and lighting. The day we were going to shoot was looking good… until the fog came in. Karl came in strong (@karlthefog) and took all of our romantic, happy California light away. But, we persevered and still produced some beautiful looking food shots and I’d say a keeper recipe.

The key in my mind to tacos is having the right amount of ‘condiments’ but also not over doing it when you build your taco. I like 2, maybe 3 items max on my taco.┬áIn this case, I added a roasted tomato salsa as my base, then topped my meat with some jalepeno relish and some fresh radish. Keeping it simple allows you to really taste the meat. And, also probably allows you to have 2 more tacos!

The method is simple, combine all ingredients mix well and coat the steak generously. Refrigerateovernight in a ziplock bag. Before cooking, bring meat up to room temp. Grill for 3-4 minutes a side. Remove from heat, let the steak rest. Slice and devour with tortillas. Bam.

All photos taken by Shea Evans of Shea Evans Photography.
Check him out. www.sheaevans.com