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Summer Honey Wheat Ale Chili Shrimp

In the main course for the Blue Moon Summer Variety Pack, the focus was to be on a protein that we have not used yet. It was tough trying to find something that was away from the standard chicken and beef, and also something that wasn’t too fancy or delicate. After looking through old recipes, I realized that we hadn’t used shrimp in any major form. Shrimp would be a perfect tool to showcase and create a summer recipe.

The beer pairing was the Summer Honey Wheat. A light and crisp beer perfect for summer, with subtle notes of honey and spices. I thought that this beer would work very well in a light marinade for the shrimp. Playing off of the flavors in the beer, I added honey, green onions and some chili paste to the marinade. I would normally use citrus too in a marinade like this, but I didn’t want an acid to ‘cook’ the shrimp. The shrimp were marinated for about 3 hours, but they can easily sit overnight if you have the time. The shrimp were then grilled for about 2-3 minutes a side. They don’t need long to cook at all! Generously brushed with the marinade before each flip, the shrimp were juicy and delicious. Served with some barbeque sized green onions, the shrimp were outstanding. This is an easy recipe you can use to showoff at any bbq.

Another huge KUDOS and THANKS to John of Stocklin Photography! How good does that photo taste??